Meet North Birch Grove

A.V is a professional photographer (B. Fa., B. Des., Photography) + the designer behind North Birch Grove™, a fine art home decor brand + digital content development company based in Canmore in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Her innovative products + designs all start from a small idea (usually dreamed up while she is on the hiking trail or a snow slope) and can proudly be described as Made in Canada, Handmade, Locally Sourced or in many cases all three!

With a strong editorial and advertising skill-set when it comes to image creation she works regularly with brands + agencies from all over the world to create unique + beautiful content.  Clients include Travel Alberta, Parks Canada, FRANK Architecture, Eddie Bauer, The Marquee Group, Holland Design, Vuarnet Sunglasses, Blundstone Canada, Nutram Pet Products, Otterbox, Wildsight, The Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ann Voskamp NYC and more.

When not creating, A.V spends her time outdoors year round and founded Hike365, an outdoor + wellness community for women in 2014, to bring women of all ages together to hit the trails together for organized, and free events!  Follow along via!

Look for her in winter with her skis + in summer on the road with her vintage Boler trailer + blue heeler Metsä by her side! She's adventured to 17 countries and counting along with 9 provinces, embarking season after season to breathtakingly rugged landscapes all over the world.

The experiences she's had within protected + unprotected areas while traveling have inspired her to give back through environmental stewardship opportunities with organizations focusing on conservation, sustainable community initiatives and environmental education.

A.V lives in Canmore Alberta in the Canadian Rockies.
She owns more cookbooks than cameras,
has a trusty sidekick Metsä the blue heeler and
believes in exploring nature all 365 days of the year.
Wondering where A.V is heading to next to photograph?
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